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Philippe COMOY
5, rue du Plâtre, Lyon 69001
tél: +(33)4 78 28 46 67
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Directeur de la publication :Philippe Comoy
Réalisation éditoriale : Philippe Comoy
Responsable éditorial : Philippe Comoy
Hébergement :
OVH - 140, quai du Sartel 59100 Roubaix, France.
Réalisation : Greentic


2.1 Ownership

Philippe Comoy is the owner of the domain name
The site in its entirety, as well as its components (in particular, texts, structure, software, animated items, phtographs, illustrations, drawings, graphic reprsentations, etc.) are creative works protected by articles L.111-1 et seq. Of the French Intellectual Property code. The site and its components are the sole property of Philippe Comoy, the sole party authorised to exercise intellectual property and related personality rights in particular brands, models, copyright and image rights as the originator or htrough a formal authorisation or license.

2.2 Penalities

Use of all or part of the site, in particular by means of downloading, reproduction, transmission, reprzeesentation or circulation for purposes other than personnal and private use with a non-commercial aim by the internet user, is stictly prohibited. The party liable for infringement of the above shall be liable to penalities stipulated in both the French Intellectual Property code with regard in particualr to copyright infringement (article L.335-3) and brand rights (article L.716-9) and the French Civil code with regard to general liability (article 9, articles 1382 et seq.)

2.3 Hypertext links

It is forbidden to create any and all hypertext links to any one of the web pages or components of the site without prior written authorisation from Philippe Comoy. Said authorisation may be withdrawn at any moment. Any and all sites with hypertext links to the Site or any one of its components shall not be under the control of Philippe Comoy. Philippe Comoy formally declines any liability (in particular with regard to editorial content) concerning acces to, and the contentsof, such sites.


3.1 Type of data of a personal nature

The term "data of a personal nature"shall apply to all personal information (in particular, the user name, password, surname, firstnae, date of birth e-mail and postal addresses, city, state/departement) which internet users may disclose to Philippe Comoy in their subscription to the Philippe Comoy newsletter via the section "NEWSMETTER" and/or "CONTACT" in the site. The said data irrespective of the type, shall directly or indirectly make it possible for Philippe Comoy to identify and better know internet users and to send them its newsletter. When the internet user discloses data of a personel nature, the said internet user shall answer questions asked during the subscription process for the Philippe Comoy newsletter anq thus communicate precise information whixh shall not prejudice the interests and rights of third parties

3.2 Consent

No datum of a personal nature shall be collected without the consent of the internet usr concerned. The optional or compulsory nature of the items to be disclosed to Philippe Comoy for this prupose shall be stated beforehand to internet users. Said internet users shall nit required under any circumstances to disclose to Philippe Comoy any data of a personal nature. However, in the vent of refusal bu the internet user, Philippe Comoy shall not be in a position to send the newsletter to the inetrnet user concerned. In all events, if the internet user does not wish or no longer wishes to receive the newsletter from Philippe Comoy, the said internet user may inform Philippe Comoy accordingly by sending an e-mail to the following address : In all events, the internet user shall also have the option of cancellinf his or her subscription to the Philippe Comoy newsletter by clicking on a hypertext link included directly in each issue of the said newsletter sent to the internet user in question.

3.3 Identity of the party responsible for processing data of a personal nature

The Philippe Comoy company is responsible for collecting and processing data of a personal nature from the Site.

3.4 Recipient(s) of data of a personal nature

The Philippe Comoy company is the sole recipient of data of a personal nature collected from the Site. Data of a personal nature shall not be disclosed to third parties.

3.5 Cookies

Philippe Comy may create a "cookie" (alphanumeric identifier) in the hard disk of the internet usr solely with the aim of recognising the said user when he or she subsquently views the Site. The term of conservation of information concerning browsing by the internet user, as provided by the "cookie" on the Site, shall not exceed one year. The internet user is reminded that he or she may prevent cookies from bieng created on his or her hard disk by configuring the internet browsing software accordingly. The internet user is referred accordingly to the user guide ("Help" section in thebrowser toolbar ) for the internet browsing software or may obtain such information as deemed useful from the publisher of the said software.


Philippe Comoy shall undertake to ensure the best of its liability the accuracy and updates of the information published on the Site, concerning which the company reserves the right to correct at any time and without prior notific ation. However, Philippe Comoy may not guarantee the accuracy, precision and comprehensivness of information made avalaible on the Site. Said information shall not constitute any guarantee or commitment by Philippe Comoy with regard to the internet user. In particular, Philippe Comoy shall not be held liable for :

  • any lack of precision, inaccuracy or omission regardind the information available on the Site
  • any and all damage arising from computerised intrusion by a third party resulting in a modification to the information made available on the Site
  • and, more generally, any and all direct and indirect damage irrespective of the cause, origin and consequences caused as a result of access by any one to the Site or impossibility to access the said Site, along with use of the Site and/or credit given to any information arising directly or indirectly therefrom

Philippe Comoy shall implement means intended to ensure the security of the files generated from the data of a personal nature collected from the Site. It is , however, formally stated that Philippe Comoy has no control over the risks related to the operation of the Internet and draws the attention of internet users to the presence of possible risks in terms of confidentiality of data transmitted across this network.


Philippe Comoy informs internet users viewing the Site that these legal statements may be amended at any time. Such amendements shall be published by means of putting them on line and shall be deemed accepted without reserve by any and all internet users accessing the Site after the said amendements have been put on line.


The legal statements have been drawn up in accordance with French law and in particular the provisions of law N°2004-575 dated 21 June 2004 "for confidence in the digital economy" and of Law N°78-17 dated 6 January 1978 on "Freedom of Information and Technology" amended by law N°2004-801 dated 6 August 2004 "regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to processing of data of a personal nature". French Courts (Lyon) shall exercise jurisdiction over any and all disputes arising from the use of the Site subject to contrary provisions arising from the Brussels Regulation dates 20 December 2000 concerning court jurisdiction and the application of rulings.
For any question the internet user may have concerning the use of the Site and/or these legal statements or for any request to be made to Philippe Comoy, please send an electronic mail to the following address :

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